New Listener Guide


New to the world of Serendipity City and aren’t sure where to begin your listener journey? We’ve got you covered:

If you want a small taste of the world to figure out whether this is your jam…

…start with episode 6 (the Sword of Air one-shot), which features non-recurring main players/characters, but gives you a feel for the world and podcast.

If you’re a completionist…

…and you’re a total nerd for world-building and character creation, start with episodes A & B (World & Character Creation: Top-Level and World and Character Creation: Archetypes, Backstories, Factions, and Links).

…and you don’t care about world-building or character creation, start with episode 1 (Get in losers, we’re going snoopin’!).

If you’re not a total completionist…

I’d suggest starting with episode 7 (Bookshelves and Backrooms) and backtracking to the first episodes later, if you want to. The first few episodes have lower quality audio than the later episodes, as we were figuring out how to get the best audio possible.

Arc summaries coming soon, to help you get caught up!